Vacant Staging

A vacant home is a blank canvas of opportunity. But don’t leave the opportunity to increase your profit to imagination or chance. Potential buyers need to see how they can live in the house. Staging helps provide that visual, evokes an emotional connection and welcomes potential buyers home.

By staging your vacant property, each space is defined and expertly photo-styled to appeal to the buying demographic likely to purchase it. Staging essentially raises the bar by connecting with buyers and drives more traffic with powerful MLS images.

Vacant Property Staging begins with a 1-hour consultation which includes a property walkthrough, room measurements, before photographs, an in-depth demographic analyzation, and staging price proposal which includes rental furniture and accessories. Vacant Property Staging also includes an advertising and marketing showcase on all of JST Real Estate Interiors social media outlets including before and after photos and video.

Starts at $2500.

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Occupied Staging

A majority of homes on the market require occupied staging. An occupied home is a home where the homeowner has decided to list their house and will continue to live in it until it is sold.

These types of properties usually require editing, packing, cleaning and preparation prior to showcasing. We are often able to use what the homeowner has only requiring to make small purchases (linens, accessories, art) and/or furniture rental to create a warm and inviting marketable space and get the most profitable results.

There are three simple steps to achieving the optimal Occupied Staged home:

Step 1 – The Staging Consultation – $300 – Our occupied home staging consultation begins with a 2-hour a room-by-room assessment. Recommendations are made to improve, both condition and function of the home. This includes advice on color, traffic flow, purchase recommendations, repairs + replacements, lighting and more. Our goal is to pre-prep the house for showcasing and eliminate any reason for a buyer to negotiate the asking price.

Step 2 – The Prepwork – During this step, the recommendations need to be completed. Whether you tackle the list yourself or hire professionals, this is where you can gain equity and get huge return on your investment. We know you might not have the time or resources for execution, so we come prepared to provide you with a list of resources to ensure your property is ready for showcasing. Note: It is crucial for this step to be completed prior to showcasing.

Step 3 – The Showcasing – starts at $625 – After the recommendations are complete, we return to put the “wow” touches in. This is done through our strategic placement of furniture and home decor. Prior to taking photographs for MLS, this process allows us to highlight the best features of the home and attract the most buyers. Depending on the target demographic, who is most likely to buy your property, based on location and price, we may suggest rental furniture and accessories be brought in to enhance.

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