What is Interior Design?

Interior Design to me is deliberately creating a space that elicits positive feelings for the person living there. Interior Design is very personal that individual and rooms are tailored to their taste through color, furniture, accessories and décor.

What is a Design Consultation?

A Design consultation is the beginning process of the Interior Design. I spend up to 2 hours in-home with you where I get to personally meet you and see your space first-hand.

The consultation begins with the Design Questionnaire where we both discover your design style, your likes and dislikes and it starts us on the path to designing a space that is tailored just for you.

How the Design Consultation work?

  • You chose the room that you want designed/redesigned! Living rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms are the most commonly requested.
  • You complete the Contact Us form to set up your in-home visit
  • We walk-thru the Design Questionnaire answering a few details about your project - budget range, color scheme, and your design style.
  • We tour your room and I take pictures and measurements
  • And what you get back is a fabulous Design Package with details about your room.

The Design Package includes:

  • The completed Design Questionnaire that pinpoints your design style, likes and dislikes
  • A floor Plan of Furniture and the optimal traffic flow layout
  • A Mood board of your room showing the specified furniture and accessories in 3D
  • A specifications list of the furniture and accessories selected so you know exactly where to buy them.

                       $199 per room

JST Real Estate Interiors also provides more extensive design consulting. We can assist you will whole house design and decorating consulting as well as remodeling and renovations services.