Decorated vs Staged

Decorated vs Staged


Knowing the difference between decorating and staging can be quite difficult.
Agents tour properties and tell me all the time, “Oh, this home doesn’t need staging.” When in fact it probably does.

When a home is designed and decorated, it’s to the taste and style of that homeowner. As a Designer, I am tasked with creating spaces specific to my clients. We work through the design process to choose paint colors they love; the furniture that appeals to them and they even select their favorite plants and flowers to adorn their home. Yes!! It’s really that specific!

Staging on the other hand, takes a home from specific and neutralizes it so that it can appeal to the masses.

Warm and inviting paint pallets are used. Furniture pieces are chosen that are neither traditional or contemporary but fall some place in between. And accessories are chosen to provide a wow factor.

A home that is too specific in style – decorated - will be sure to turn off a potential buyer who may not like the furniture and cannot see passed it to see the bones of the home.

So the next time you show a house and the client is not impressed… could it have been the house was decorated and not staged?