Countertop Finishes: Choose Wisely, Renter vs Homeowner

Attention Real Estate Investors! Are you currently working on a fix and flip but instead you’ve decided to hold the property but you still need to fix it?

A potential client expressed to me that she didn’t really need help with picking finishes because she would be renting the property that she was currently working on instead of selling it. In her case as a landlord, she made smart decisions on a countertop finish. She chose granite.

kitchen granite countertop
marble countertop

Choose durable, low maintenance finishes

When choosing finishes for a rental property, it is wise to choose durable, low maintenance finishes. Durability is priceless in that it can and will hold up to many years of tough use. Hardworking surfaces such as granite and solid surfaces will certainly stand the test. And of course, trending now are the most durable – concrete countertops. Though the initial expense of pouring concrete countertops may set you back a little, maintaining these countertops will surely put your mind at ease in the long run.

More high maintenance countertop surfaces such as marble, butcher block and even laminate that require some type of upkeep periodically or which may stain or damage easily, may yield a sign of caution.

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